FMFA 2019 Bursary Application

Posted by Melissa McNamee on Mar 22 2019 at 11:59AM PDT

Fundy Minor Football Bursary – 2019
Each year Fundy Minor Football will offer a bursary or bursaries to deserving high school graduates who are attending a recognized post-secondary institution.

Eligibility – To be eligible for a Fundy Minor Football Bursary, candidates must be:
 Graduating in the current year from high school.  Entering a post-secondary institution within the calendar year (exception may be granted for students who are wait-listed in their program of choice to a maximum of one additional year).
 A former player, official, or coach with Fundy Minor Football.
 Intending to continue their involvement with football as a player, coach or official.

Value – One time award to a maximum of $700 per individual.
 Each fall season played/officiated/coached with Fundy Minor Football will “credit” a bursary recipient with up to $100 towards the $700 maximum. Note: Applicable to both tackle and flag programs.
 Total value of bursaries to be awarded is $1500 per year.
Criteria – Equally weighted using the following three criteria:
 Athletic ability
 Community service or involvement
 Financial need

Selection – Bursary awards will be determined by a selection committee.
 Selection committee will be comprised of a minimum of 3 members of the Fundy Minor Football Executive or others as appointed by the executive.

Payment – Payment to be made directly to the post-secondary institution, not to the student!
 Award will be sent to the post-secondary institution upon confirmation of attendance in the second term/semester of study. (This will normally be in January of the following year)

Application Deadlines – Application must be received no later than March 31st of the calendar year of the award.
 All information must be included and supporting documentation received for the application to be considered.

Submission methodology – Application must be submitted via email.
 Email address for submission is

Downloadable Bursary Form is on the Front page in our documents section

The document Fundy_Minor_Football_Bursary_Form_2019.pdf was attached to this post.


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